What are automatic top-ups?

​​There are two types of automated top-ups. This article relates to monthly balance adjustments. Click here for information on topping up your text message balance.

Top-ups are charges made against the card added under Payment methods. Top-ups will be charged if your balance is negative at the end of the month and we charge your card to settle it to 0 or you purchase items like blast campaigns or terminals.

If you have a negative Wallet balance at the end of the month, you are charged one day before the end of the month. If you have a positive balance, you will not be charged.

A negative balance could be the result of a number of reasons, such as a new client fee, refund or adjustment. For example, if a new client booked on the Fresha Marketplace app and paid in cash, a new client fee applies to your balance. Learn more about your fees here.

You can view and download your monthly statement and fees for a detailed breakdown of all your transactions for each calendar month while your fee activity shows you all appointments and sales which were subject to a fee.

Charges are made on the second last day of each month. In months with 31 days, we charge you on the 30th day. In months with 30 days, you will be charged on the 29th.

For example, if you charged a client on the 27th July using Fresha’s payment processing, we will pay you on the 28th and your balance will return to zero. However, if on the 29th you refund that same client, your balance will go into a negative balance. If this is the case on the 30th, we will charge you by topping up your balance back to 0.

NOTE: You are not charged at the end of the month if your balance is zero or greater.

NOTE: To update your payment card, go to your Wallet and click Payment methods.

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