How do I create a promotion?

Fresha’s Deals tool allows you to create flexible promotions for your clients. You can now create and share discount codes with your clients to use when booking online or during checkout. Treat your loyal clients with seasonal offers, or attract new clients with a one-off code.

You can set a specific start and end date, a limited number of uses, list services and items it can be applied to, and at which business locations the promotion applies.

How do I create a promotion?

  1. Go to Marketing, select Deals and click Create new deal.
  2. Choose Promotion and add a description if you wish. 
  3. Next, choose which items (services, products, memberships or vouchers) your promotion can apply to. Click Edit next to each category and tick or untick the items included. For longer lists, you can also use the search bar to search for items by name.
  4. If you need to limit the promotion by date, add an End date. This promotion will only be applied to appointments booked between the start and end date. Choose ‘Ongoing’ for promotions without a set end date. 
  5. Now choose how much to discount your items. You can reduce the price by a fixed amount by entering a number and the currency symbol, or by a percentage with a number and %. This discount will apply to each item in the sale.
  6. Use the toggles to set limits for your promotion. You can Limit to one use per client and Set the total amount of times it can be used by turning on Limit total number of uses and entering a maximum number of uses. You can also set a Minimum amount a client must spend before qualifying.
  7. Choose how clients can engage with this promotion. Select Enable promotion at Point of Sale to manually add the promotion during checkout. Select Enable discount code and create a code in the textbox so that clients can enter the code when booking services or buying products online. Both options can be selected if you wish. We recommend creating a discount code that’s easy to remember, such as 20OFF or SALE20. You can use up to 20 letters or numbers.
  8. If you have more than one business location, you can select which locations the promotion can be used in. 
  9. Finally, select the team members you want to offer the promotion for, if you have more than one team member.
  10. On the confirmation page, you’ll see a short summary of the details of your promotion. If you choose to share a discount code, click Send a campaign to promote the offer via email or text message, or Copy the discount code to post on social networks.

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