How do I set up different bank accounts for my business locations?

Streamline your accounting and get paid by Fresha into different bank accounts per business location. This will reduce your admin time and gives you the flexibility to have separate account holders.

Please note, for each new bank account you’ll need to upload a bank statement, letter from the bank or void cheque so we can verify your bank account details. Plus, for each new account holder, you’ll need to also upload a proof of ID, such as a passport or driving licence. For more information and guidelines for these documents, read our setting up payment processing guide.

How to add a new bank account:

  1. Go to the Bank accounts section in your Fresha Wallet and click Add
  2. Either select Add new account holder, or select one of the existing account holders you’d like to link the new account to. If you are setting up a new account holder, you will need follow the standard payment verification process outlined in this setting up payment processing guide, including uploading a proof of ID, before you can proceed.
  3. Enter the bank account details for the account you wish to receive payouts to
  4. Upload a proof of bank account. The document must include the account number, account holder name, bank logo and it must be dated within the last 6 months.

Click Submit details. All changes to the account holder details will need to be verified by our team which might take up to 2 business days. Fresha will notify you when the new bank account is verified.  Until then, the bank account will be in Pending verification status.


How to assign a bank account to a business location:

  1. Once a bank account has been verified, go to your Fresha Wallet and, using the dropdown, select the location you wish to assign a new bank account to.
  2. Select Manage next to the Payment schedule.
  3. Click Change in the Send to section.
  4. Choose from the available verified bank accounts and Save. The funds will start sending to selected account from the next payout onwards.

NOTE: Bank accounts pending verification cannot be chosen until they have been verified.

NOTE: Fresha’s multiple bank accounts per business location feature is not available in Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates.

NOTE: Add a business location by heading to Locations in your Business Settings and Add a new location.

PRO TIP: Choose when you get paid: daily, weekly, or monthly in your Payment schedule.

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