How do I create an off-peak pricing?

With Fresha’s off-peak pricing, you can optimise your workload with automatic discounts at quieter times, and offer your clients more flexibility for a better price.

To create off-peak pricing, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Engage, select Deals and click Create new deal.
  2. Select Off-peak pricing, and fill in the deal’s name.
  3. Select which services it will apply to and which appointment dates it will be available for.
  4. Decide how much you want to discount as a percentage (ie 10% off) or a fixed amount (ie £8 off) and click Next step.

  5. Select your least busy days and time period to set up an off-peak schedule. Tick the days on which you’d like to offer an off-peak discount, then select the time period. Click Add off-peak hours to add more than one off-peak time period per day. For example, you could offer discounted services between 9.30 and 11am, and then again between 2pm and 3.30pm. Once you are happy with the schedule, go to Next step.

  6. If you have more than one location, you can choose which locations to apply off-peak pricing. Then click Next step to finish.

  7. Finally, select the team members you want to offer the off-peak pricing for, if you have more than one team member.
  8. A confirmation screen will show the details of your new deal. You can edit, deactivate or reactivate a last-minute offer or any other Fresha deal by heading to Engage and then Deals.

NOTE: Off-peak pricing applies only to online bookings. 

NOTE: Only services that start within your off-peak schedule will receive the discount.

PRO TIP: You can use your Sales by hour of day report to learn which times have been quieter in the past, and then use these times to guide your off-peak schedule.

PRO TIP: Once you have set up your off-peak pricing, tell your regular clients about your new off-peak pricing with a blast message. Simply click Create a campaign from the confirmation screen and follow the steps. 






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