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Sunbed Session Manager


In my salon I have sunbeds. It would be useful to be able to sell courses for sunbeds, so after a customer bought a course and comes for a session I can just put in an amount of mins., which he wants to use that day and system automatically deducts those minutes form his course. So I can see detailed information in that costumers course about how many minutes he used, when he used them and how many minutes left.
Thank you!!!

Per-minute durations (1 to 15 min) specifically for tanning salons / Package balance of minutes / Deduct automatically upon usage / Charge per minute


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    Thanks to everyone for your feedback! We think this is a great idea and have shared your feedback with our development team.

    This isn’t something we’re currently working on as there are very few requests for this feature, but we’ll keep voting open in case there are other partners that would like to see this feature built in the future. 

    In the meantime, we suggest as most of our users use one of two workarounds by selling a "gift voucher" eg for $10 and selling a minute for a $1 so every time they use the sunbed, you can deduct your minutes by redeeming the voucher code.

    Alternatively, they have added their Sun Bed as a "Staff Member". Then when adding services, the service will have "multiple pricing types"

    Service group: Tanning
    Service: Sunbed:
    Multiple Pricing type:
    1 minute (caption) + time (5 minutes to allow for changing) + price ($1)
    2 minutes (caption) + time (5 minutes) + price ($2)
    3 minutes (caption) + time + price etc.

    The remainder of the time can be used to undress / clean etc...

    Clients can book online if they choose to specify how many minutes they need. And if you wish to bulk sell minutes in advance, you can sell a Gift Voucher of say $20 and redeem as they go.

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  • i too would benifit from this function as not sure how to work it with bulk sunbed cards 

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  • Yes this s the only reason I would choose a paid software like salon tracker

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  • I use SALON TRACKER and its great for the sunbed tracking but I use Fresha as my beauty booking software PLEASE can you add the Sunbed Management Element to Fresha so I can just use one system.....  


    Adrian (TAN4mations)

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  • Do you have an update on a TANNING MANAGEMENT ELEMENT to Fresha as of yet?

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  • I am looking at Sunbed Management systems too, Fresha do you have an add on or update that can be used?

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  • Yes me too my old system can do it which is stopping me from fully moving over to Fresha!

    Works for offers to when you have a certain treatment and clients pay in bulk for six and get a discount, the system just counts it down.

    Until Fresha has this I am mainly using my other system :(

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  • yes PLEASE add a tanning minute deduction system that would be soooo awesome and make this app perfect!!!!

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  • It'd be great to be able to keep up with client's tannning minutes on Fresha! 

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