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Online Booking Block Bad Clients


Block certain 'bad' clients from online booking, force pre-payment or simply hide any availability to book 


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    Blocking Clients has gone live! 

    We have released new features that will give you the ability to block unwanted clients from being able to book online, along with clear notifications and information for all staff members to see why these clients have been blocked.

    Blocked Clients will not be able to: book online, rebook or reschedule, nor will they be able to leave reviews or ratings, so this should really cut out all the regular no showers and creepers.

    For more information you can see our article here: Block Clients from booking online

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  • When online payment and shop will be available for Australia?

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  • This was posted on the previous site:

    It would be fantastic to have an option, after the initial client approval or account creation,.. to determine whether or not a client can book freely every time, or if they will need approval every time. On an individual basis.

    My vision is a simple group of options (drop down) within each client card: 
    - Always allow online booking 
    - Always require approval 
    - Do not allow online booking

    These option would override the set of global rules. 
    If nothing is selected, global rules still apply.


    I agree with this option. This way we can prohibit "bad" clients from booking online. This is the main reason I have not implemented it, and won't until blocking is available.


    In my case, the global wetting would be "allow". After 3 no-shows, I would change their setting to "prohibit".



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  • A option of black-listing  "bad" clients in the section client details, which not allows to accept any booking in advance.

    Txs Birgid


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  • I have a client that has cancelled her appointment last minute 17 times and not shown up for an appointment 5 times in the last 11 months. Can I block her from booking online or seeing my schedule and force her to call the clinic to make an appointment with me so I have full control over when or if she can book.


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  • This would be so good! We have a few clients that will repeatedly cancel and rebook each week and it’s getting to the point of looking at new systems that have this option & taking down online booking/fresha!

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  • This is fantastic i have the same issue as the ladies above

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  • I need the ability to block clients from booking online. I have clients who have no-showed and I don't want them rebooking.

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  • Please think about this function seriously. We lost a lot of money because of no-show clients and canceled just 30 minutes before their appointments. :( 

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  • Yes please implement this because it cost use clients and money for bad clients.

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  • Yes please, people think it’s funny to use fake numbers and emails and some no shows.

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  • Blocking bad client's from booking online is in the works! Should be ready for late December! :D 

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  • Looking forward to this feature. You're an amazing group.Thank you shedul team.

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  • i think a simple debit card detail will deter the bad ones, hope that comes soon, will make only people who are serious about coming actually book in!

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  • Definitely needed! I have had two no shows this week and would love to ban them 😑 so irrated by it

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  • Great Feature, easy to use, we really love it. Thank you SHEDUL TEAM! Best wishes for next year

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