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Delete Test Appointments


Specifically New Users / Clean out calendar after testing / Start fresh after account is correctly setup


  • Hey Folks,

    Thanks for your feedback. Fresha tracks all appointments, including cancelled ones to ensure that no appointment ever "goes missing". 

    If you've created test appointments, head to:

    • "Sales" > "Invoices" and void any test invoices
    • "Sales" > "Appointments" to cancel any test appointments
    • "Clients" to delete any clients that were tested on

    Your Sales history will then be reset to zero. 

    If you're trying to do this for appointments in the past, you can first reschedule them for a date in the future (e.g. tomorrow) and then cancel them. 

    You can also head to "Setup">"Cancellation Reasons" to create custom reasons such as "testing purposes".

    If you have any more feature suggestions, create a post and vote!

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  • Seems strange that we can't have a delete option? Every system I've ever used has this option.

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  • Hi,

    I tried:

    Sales" > "Appointments" to cancel any test appointments

    But I need to do it for appointments in the past.

    Is it possible?

    Also I need to "batch" delete appointments of past weeks, could you implement such function?

    Best regards,


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  • Hi all,

    I managed to delete appointments in the past, by rescheduling them to a date in the future, and then cancelling them.

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  • This is a test

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  • I can’t delete the invoices of test appointments :(

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  • I agree here... I prefer a cleaner calendar as well as analytics.  right now I am showing 11 appointments and 9 of them are tests.  it SKUs our sales #'s.

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  • I am brand new and created a test "walk in" appointment.  I then cancelled it. 

    Can I not just delete this?   As I am reading the answer is no which is very frustrating for newbies testing out the system.   

    If you are not going to fix this then maybe consider a training module for the future.  

    I now have 3 cancellations showing - the two that fresha create and my own. 

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