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Online Bookings: Set Time Slots


Online Booking Slot Efficiency: Reducing gaps between bookings. Creating "Sticky Bookings" and prioritize time slots before & after existing bookings, opening & closing times / Usually asking about for set time slot intervals


  • Unfortunately this is one of the reasons we left Fresha... You guys have done so much work in adding great functionality but this was an issue for us.

    90% of our appointments are 75mins (60min + 15min processing) so in our new software the day is shown to them with availability in the duration of whatever treatment they are looking at. So eg a 75min session will show 9am, 10.15am, 11.30am - in Fresha we used to manually add little blocked times at 10-10.15 and 11.15-1130am to force Fresha to show the slots we wanted so it wouldn't show 9am, 9.15am, 9.30am etc but this meant it wouldnt show out 105min session options at all. Booking on the hour etc doesn't help as our sessions are 75mins (incl processing) not 60min.

    Downfall of our current software is that it then shows availability based on the time of that appointment only - so a 105min session shows at 9am then 10.45am - even though that might leave a gap it is still far better than the alternative so not perfect but much better. 

    Understand there is no perfect system but a different option like this would be so beneficial, or a sticky booking function. 

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  • @Fresha 

    Do we have any update on if this is being put in place? It would be extremely beneficial when trying to fit everyone in after this post covid time.



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  • Yes, please!!! Any updates on this feature??? I want this!!!!

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  • Sarah Vaughan

    Set time slots are already available. Check out our guide here

    If there are any other variations for online bookings slots need above those which have already been brought out let us know by reaching out to us at hello@fresha.com

    There are a few other set online slots already requested such as 45 minute slots here.

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