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Merge Clients


Occasionally, duplicates may be made whilst clients book online due to using different contact details or when staff have manually added duplicates by mistake. We'd like a feature that allows us to manually merge clients and client history. 

Mainly an issue with Online Booking / Alert while staff create duplicates / Tool to review any duplicates / Merge booking, sales, CRM history




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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - this feature is live! Get started and merge your duplicated clients. Click here to view our handy Help Centre articles and find out how to start merging clients.

    If you have any more feature suggestions, create a post and vote! 

    Keep the suggestions coming - we’re always looking for new and exciting features that will help you!

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  • would love this asap especially now with the new app feature

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  • Yes this a definite needed feature.. loving the new system but even when clients entering the exact details when booking online they still duplicated.. so moving client notes over is so time consuming!

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  • I have some clients listed up to 8 times, please make merging profiles available soon! My staff was putting a customer in as new instead of searching them a few years ago as we were learning it, now it's a big mess. I have to pull up each one to find certain notes or info about their last service. Thanks :)

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  • Hi,

    are there any news in merging clients?

    Some of our clients book online, but haven't in the past. So now we have two of the same clients in the system and can't see the booking history ( since it's in their other file). 



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  • Hi Kat,
    Apparently there’ll be an option once the credit cards go live?! Which I’m not interested in now after all this change!
    I’ve had a client tx me this evening as she not recieved the normal reminder email and tx.. so had to check it still booked!
    Annoyingly I’ve had a few new clients lately just book straight away online and entered their details wrong!
    I can’t go in to amend, I’ve thought about creating a new client profile? Manually transferring their details...then deleting the one the client creates..
    but that will then effect past appointments they’ve already had I presume...?

    I’m really considering stopping the online booking option tbh.. as it’s creating so many issues, as clients entering details wrong! even when I tell clients they need to amend... they not, as it’s too much hassle for them ☹️ They just create another profile again!

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  • Hi Everyone,

    We totally hear you - thank you for sharing :) 

    We've bumped Mergining Clients up the to-do list again so we should have a solution in the next 6 - 8 weeks. 

    In the meantime, if a Fresha client has added the incorrect email address, please ask them to email us at hello@fresha.com with the incorrect email and the correct email and we'll update this for them. 

    If a duplicate client has been created, update the old client details to match the new client details. Next time the client books online with you, it'll pull through their past appointments and notes.  

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  • This would be amazing to have! A feature that is needed. 


    Thank you, Aliscia 

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  • Looking forward to merging clients. We have quite a few duplicates

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  • So many duplicates right now, I really need this!

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  • I really need this too. I have clients who have duplicated themselves by using different e-mail addresses, or clients who have booked online and create a new profile even though I already have them in the system... so I have inconsistent appointment history. It's really difficult when re-booking them, as I don't know which version to choose without going into each profile to see which one is most recent / relevant.

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  • Same, getting quite a few duplicates now...  :/

    Thank you! :)

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  • Getting duplicates made by staff

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  • Really hoping this will come soon!  I have a huge amount of duplicates and don't want to lose past history.  

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  • We are past the two month mark. We were told there would be a solution within 6 to 8 weeks. That was in July. Please advise.

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  • Merging Client Profiles please Fresha! It's now almost ten weeks since you announced a fix. What is the status of the fix now? Really like the software, its just that the functionality is not quite there yet. Cheers.

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  • Status on merging clients please?

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  • *We have big news, everyone!*

    We've launched Merge Clients! We know this was an important feature and highly in demand :D Thank you in advance for all of your votes.

    This feature allows users to either Auto-Merge Clients, by finding all duplicated entries in the system and combine them with one click or Manual Merge, by selecting client entries individually.

    On top of that, Fresha recognizes duplicates whilst a new client is being created, by matching existing data and therefore preventing any new duplicates being created.

    *Important* - once a client has been merged, they *cannot be un-merged*.

    It's also worth highlighting that any staff member who have access to "Clients" will have access to the Merging Clients features.

    With great power, comes great responsibly :)

    Read more about these features here.

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  • Personaly I only need to merge clients coming from Fresha!

    They are the ones that have multiple duplicates.

    Not been able at the moment! Why?

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  • I gave this problem. Client has used Fresha for bookings but uses 2 emails depending on how she feels so she has 2 profiles & I can't merge

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