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Sales Targets With Commission


Different commission rates based on sales target tiers / Business target / Location target / Staff target / Occupancy target


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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - this feature is now live! Get started with tiered commissions or sliding scale commissions and set targets! Click here to view our handy Help Centre articles and find out more.

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  • ***** EDIT - "Just spotted that SALES TAX can be removed from the COMMS TOTAL VALUE before the calculation... goto SETUP > SALES SETTINGS"

    There is a lot of different 'Ideas' on Commissions.....

    They are all sensible so over to you Schedul to come up with a combined system, but basically your current simplistic model is very un-business like.

    Factor in Margin, (cost of material,overheads to be subtracted, could use a general %)

    Factor in TAX, (e.g. VAT, UK20%)

    Factor in SERVICE REWARD structure, (some of my stylists have been with me for over 10yrs and they get a better rate for there loyalty).

    Factor in HOURS WORKED, (don't get commission if you sick for 2 days on the other 3, so consider a MINIMUM THRESHOLD or TARGET as this thread starter suggests)


    etc etc.....

    Good luck, Simon.

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