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Quickbooks Integration


Direct API integration to sync with finance reporting


  • Official comment

    We’re currently working on developing as many accounting features as possible within Fresha so that you can manage everything under one roof. Once we’ve developed as much as possible, we’ll then explore integrating into third-party systems.

    In the meantime, Fresha can already track all of your sales, payment types, taxes, reports, commissions, tips and more. These can also be export to Excel from "Analytics">"Sales Log" where you’ll have a full detailed breakdown which can be used to import to the likes of Quickbooks or Xero.

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  • Hi Fresha team

    Thank you for responding to my email query regarding this. As suggested I have added my vote.

    I think integration with cloud based accounting software will see a large increase in demand in the UK over next 6-12 months. To cope with making Tax Digital a lot of UK business are adopting software like Xero and Quickbooks. 

    As an accounting practice we are recommending Xero.

    It would be great to get a rough timescale for this please.

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  • Either Fresha needs to allow us to track expenses in Fresha or develop an integration with quickbooks.  This needs to happen sooner then later. I would prefer to do it all in Fresha but i had to get quickbooks because it doesn't.  

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  • Tommy Lytle

    This is something we are tracking here. Please add your vote to it as we're tracking how many partners would like a profit and loss feature tracking business expenses. 

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