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Products: Internal Consumption / Inventory / Professional Use


Are you able to link the pos to a product inventory and also consumption inventory.

When a service is created you could add an option for products used and amount used so that this can be deducted from the products in the consumption inventory when the sale is made/appt completed. Same goes for when a product sale is made, this should be deducted from the inventory.

Easily manage non-retail product use / Set product types as Retail, Internal or both / Track disposables / Deduct without editing product type


  • Dear Schedule Team, 

    When or how we can assign internal stock to the service we create. Then as you mentioned once the appointment complete or sale done it should automatically control the stock we have ? is this facility already available ? 

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  • Is there any update on this thread? It would be invaluable to be able to keep an eye on stock used. Thank you.

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  • this would be a perfect addition to the software, this is an on going problem with staff doing stock takes and you could forecast required stock levels when appointments are booked, this could lower stock levels carried on hand 

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  • Hey Folks,

    You can currently add your professional stock under Inventory>>New Product. Then, disable the option "Enable Retail Sales" and then click Save

    To deduct consumption/internal usage, go to Inventory and select your product and then "Stock -". You'll be asked why you're deducting. Mark as "Internal Use" where this will then be tracked under Analytics>>Reports>>Product Consumption.

    Totally hear you on making the process automatic, though. Thanks for the suggestion and feedback. We'll keep the voting open. 👍

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