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GDPR Staff Access


At the moment if a new client is booked in by the store manager they can’t be segregated / assigned to a particular member of staff, this means that due to how permissions are set when a member of staff wants to rebook a client they can see ALL clients on the list and ALL information including sensitive information of ALL clients. This contravenes GDPR for all self employed staff as their clients info shouldn’t be able to be accessed by others without consent. Which it clearly can.
We need to be able to assign a new client to a particular member of staff so only that member of staff and the manager can see their personal info.
I believe this needs to be a priority due to GDPR Regulation, especially for the self employed who use the diary within a large Salon.


  • Hey Mark, 

    Head to "Staff">"Permission levels" where you can remove staff member's ability to view client contact details, then go to "Staff">"Staff Member" and add their email address + their access level so they can log in with restricted access. 

    Allocating clients to staff members isn't a GDPR issue but you securing all client contact details is. 

    If the staff members are sole traders and clients 'belong' to them, then the sole traders should have their own Shedul accounts with their own clients, reports, services etc :) 

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  • This is definitely an issue because even if the staff is a sole trader or 1099....they still push product and sell product.  Having separate accounts would not only cause us to have inventory with barcodes in multiple account logins, but also, the idea of not being able to assign clients to a stylist defeats the purpose of having multiple sylists available to add in the software.  Very unsecure in my mind.  Sounds like an easy fix by adding an option in the contact additions (or editing) to assign a stylist and allow only that stylist or an admin to view.

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