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Repeat Blocked Times


Would be extremely handy to repeat blocked times to staff breaks rather than going through day by day adding them in.


  • Yep - this would be great : )
    I also use blocks as Reminders for the day - such as public holidays or kids pick up etc... so this would really be handy

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  • This would just make my life a little easier and save a lot of time

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  • I recently had to block time for training & conferences and would have loved to be able to repeat the blocks!

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  • an additional way to do this would be to have the option of adding more than 2 active sessions in the day ie. 8-10, 10.30-12.30, 2.30-4.30 5-6.30 rather than 8-1 2-6, make sense?

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  • And please, an option to have the time deducted from hours worked, great for payroll without the hassle of changing the split shift since lunches and breaks often change depending on clients & services.

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  • Hey Folks👋, thanks for voting and commenting! We already have a suggestion for this so could you please also vote here so we can keep the voting numbers together: ❤️

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