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Dynamic stock reordering


Hi Fresha,

Reordering stock process.
I have set my reorder point to 16 and Reorder quantity of 4... So ideally to keep 20 in stock and when I sell, or use 4 to get down to 16 it will reorder 4 so I'm back to my 20 units in stock.. although I'm finding if I sell below 16 then do an order, it only automatically puts 4 on the next order I create.  I want it to reorder back up to my optimum stock level of 20..
I suggest having a minimum stock quantity and a maximum stock quantity, meaning if I sell or use below the minimum stock level it will reorder the required amount to get me back up to my maximum level.

E.g., If sell 7 products in 1 day then generate an order I would like it to reorder 7 to get back to my set level of 20.. and not 4 automatically...

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  • Curtis Hair,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll keep tracking votes for it. 👍

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