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Client Data Sectioning


Hello Fresha, as always, thank you for a great product!

Per a request from one of your support staff I'm starting a new idea topic to please have Client Data be possibly split into "Sensitive" and "Non-Sensitive" areas, and/or to have the current structure allow an additional permission for staff to be able to edit the service-specific client notes that should appear with every booking.

Currently the staff are selected to not see client info (to protect phone/contact info [which is great/necessary!]), and they can create appts and edit "Appointment" notes, however for allergies, color formulas, personal reminders, etc, (which aren't really sensitive at all) they can't edit general client info, so if a tech is trying to view allergies for instance, they have to scroll through all the appt history to see those notes, rather than having that info immediately viewable and consolidated at the top of each client's info. (And yes, staff can request bookers to add the notes for them, but that often gets missed in the middle of a busy day.)

Could the more secure stuff (like email/phone, Credit Card info, etc) be relegated to a "secure" section with separate permissions perhaps please?

Less relevant but would be great to have would be stuff like a pronunciation section, as well as a way to write discreet notes for staff that we wouldn't want the client to see. Our computer isn't super visible to clients, but when they are checking out, we often rotate it so they can view the calendar for next bookings, so if we have booking-pertinent info (like: "Don't book with Jane Doe" or "Runs late, add extra padding after appt" or "Has excessive hair growth, please add time") that isn't the best for clients to see or know we track but needs to be easily viewable by our bookers, we have to bury it lower than the top 3 lines of info, but then run the risk of not seeing those important reminders. Perhaps a symbol or indication of "hidden" info (lower than the top 3 lines), or even a field that could be hidden quickly and discreetly if a client is present?

Thank you again, xxo


  • Nicole Potter,

    Thanks for the suggestions - some great ideas there. We'll keep tracking votes for it. 👍

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  • Hola,
    la propuesta es muy útil, seria bueno que lo pongan en practica.


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