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Appointment Status Icons


Thanks for this amazing software!


When booking session in the calendar, there are categories for

  • New Appointment
  • Confirmed
  • Arrived
  • Started

Each have their own icons.

Would there be a way to show these icons on the calendar for each session? This way we'd have an "at-a-glance" view of the session. Right now we have to hover to see if it's "confirmed". It could be done in a way to stay within Fresha's clean aesthetic.

In addition, any way to add the Appointment Notes (maybe first X amount of characters)? Again, would be great for an "at at glance" view and could stay within the clean and modern aesthetic while providing a faster view.



  • Lynn Walsh - Court 1,

    Thanks for the feedback. Great news these features are now available! 🥳 🥳 🥳

    When you mark an appointment as Confirmed, Arrived or Started it will reflect on the calendar by means of a small icon in the top-right corner so you can easily see the status of each appointment at a glance. 😀


    You can also hover over the appointment to see the Appointment Notes at a glance. Yay! 🥳

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  • And can we please add "completed" to the list, this is helpful when not using the invoicing side of Fresha as we are still unable to integrate Xero.



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  • Or even better would be to make these fields customizable?


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  • Kerrie van Woerden

    When you raise an invoice the appointment will show as completed. And will have the icon of partially filled out sheet if partially paid, or the sheet icon will be full when fully paid, marking it completed. 

    More than happy to continue tracking request to make these icons customizable, however our priority is to ensure the speed at which the calendar loads. Adding in custom icons with various sizes or images could reduce the speed at which this works. We can definitely look at a creating a library of icons in the future that could be used. 

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