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Know which Clients are New when looking at Calendar


Is there a way to have a new client to the salon show as a different color on the calendar. This could be a helpful option to have available. Sometimes its nice to welcome a new client in a different way then you would a regular. You also might give them either a newbie discount, or ask who referred them, ask how they found you, tell them something about the salon that they might not know being new, etc.  Thanks


  • Hey Lori :D 

    When you hover over the appointment, you'll see a "new client" tag next to the client's name. 

    As soon as the appointment has been completed, they are no longer "new" so the tag will disappear. 


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  • It would be nice to have a new client to be a different color, also clients that requested a stylist as opposed to a client that did not. (Tho New Client more important)

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