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Discount based on a single client


We have regular clients which receive 10, 15 or 20% discount every time they come, because they come once a week or twice a week etc. It will be very nice if I can set a discount on a certain client - fro example 10% and every time I check out the service he used, the Fresha will calculates automatically this discount. Because now every time I have to manually add 10% discount or 15%. Also It will be not necessary to remember them one you have set the discounts. Also a filter in the clients menu $show clients with discount$ will be useful so you can see to whom you gave discount and to change it if necessary.

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  • Hey Петър 👋

    Thanks for the suggestion! We've taken note of your request. For now, you can add to their client notes to say they are due a discount on every visit as a reminder ❤️

    In the meantime, please make sure to vote for and follow this request here.


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