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new confimation email when clients reshedule themselves



Thanks for all your good work!  I know that when clients reschedule themselves with Fresha, they don't receive a new confirmation email.  They don't know that they can check their upcoming appointment with the Fresha app.  So they call or send messages confirming their changes.  Is there anyway to send a new confirmation email when they update their appointments?

Best regards,

Dayla Ferguson

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  • Dayla Ferguson

    Thanks for the suggestion. We've currently made the logic around sending out notification to the party who has not made the change. So if your client reschedules, you'll receive an in app notification of the change they made, whilst when you make the change on their behalf, in this case rescheduling them, then they receive a email notification having been rescheduled. 

    Whilst we feel that most clients are aware of the change they've made, we'll leave this idea available to see if there are any other partners who would like to see this. We simply don't want to send too many notifications your clients might think are spammy for an action they have taken. 

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