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Enable Owners add Staff photo to staff account


The ability to add profile photos is cool!

But I think as owners, we should be able to add these staff photos without having to rely on them to do so.

When a staff is added by the owner, we are able to add several details of the new staff. I think it will be cool to also be able to add their photos and have that appear automatically on their profile and the calendar.

Of course, the staff may choose to change the photo, when they so wish.

Thanks for the great work!


  • Yes, as an owner I would think I could set up the employee and add the photo

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  • As an owner of 2 locations I would like to add employee photos taken by a professional photographer. It looks uniform, clean and professional. I would prefer this over the employee adding their own.

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  • Hey Folks 👋

    Thanks for voting and commenting. Currently, only staff members can upload their own photos but I've forwarded your request to our product development team ❤️

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