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Custom Consultation forms


Is there a way to create built in forms? We have a few consult form clients fill out and sign on paper that include client info, allergies, health problems, last treatments and booking policy but we would love to be able to have everything in one place


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    Hello All,

    We're super excited to let you know that consultation forms have gone live. Check out our help guides here.

    We're continuing to improve on this new feature, and we're more than happy to hear your suggestion at hello@fresha.com

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  • Hi,
    When client is bookin patch test email the client consultation form, so they can fill it in and bring with her/him.

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  • Liability/Waiver and digital signing should be a part of this to further eliminate paper :)

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  • This would be amazing.  And if they can complete all of this at the point of making the appointment, it would be the best.  This way the information gets stored with their profile and they never have to complete it again.

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  • Heya Julia Smirnova, Joel Marc and @hannelise Bester, 

    The Ideas page is here to help us prioritize the features you'd like to see. Splitting the vote across multiple ideas extends when we see something as listed higher up to prioritize. Whilst we applaud everyone's eagerness, we'd love to prioritize features accordingly. 

    This topic is already planned and tracked here: Customized Consultation Forms. Please go ahead and vote for this there. 

    As you can see, there are 3 ideas all very similar. 


    Please keep your ideas coming in, but always check to see if it doesn't already exist so we can keep it together :) 

    For more guidelines, check out our community guidelines

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