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Alert pop up


A pop up to appear on the client in the appointment book alerting staff of important information, such as allergies, consult forms needed to be completed, medications etc would save a lot of time and mucking around 

And a spot for medical information on their client information page


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    Hey Jeanna, thanks for sharing! We don't have a  pop up but we do have the "comment" icon on the appt itself if there are notes in the appointment. This is designed to inform the staff member that there are important notes to be read in the appointment it self. If on desktop, you can hover over this appointment and the notes will show :) 

    Hope this helps! 

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  • The alert pop-up will be more efficient, and will be distinguished comparing to the note in each appointment.

    Other platforms do have this king of alert and do have also the comment note in the appointment.  

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