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Standing appointments


Could there be a feature where staff can book in standing appointments for a period of time in one option instead of having to manually add the appointments in one at a time for the entire year.


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    Yes! This is already possible :D 

    When creating an appointment, on desktop, you'll see some blue text saying "repeat" where you'll have the option to specify how often it repeats and how long for.

    On mobile, click on Appointment Details when creating an appt to set up an recurring appointment :)

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  • When you have an ongoing appointment could it actually be ongoing instead of dropping off after a year? If that's not possible, could you set a notification that pops up a couple of months before the end of appointments to alert us that their year of appointments is ending? wwe have had clients drop off the calendar and by the time we realize it we have already booked someone else in that slot. it poses a very uncomfortable situation at times. Thank you!

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