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White label online bookings links


Hi hi,

I'd like a white-labelled version, that pops up as an overlay on my website when the user clicks the 'Book now' CTA. It would be easy to implement, if you provided a javascript file I could link to in the header. It would load on my website as an overlay to the current page. 

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  • Vicki Lord,

    Thanks for the feedback. We've already had a similar request for the option to embed the booking link and we'd like to keep the votes in one place. If you haven't already, please add your vote to the original request here. 😊

    Clients have their own accounts and not having the booking process open up on a separate new page will create issues with authentication and the booking flow so we recommend creating a call-to-action 'Book Now' button on your website instead, using your direct booking link. 👍

    That way, we can ensure your clients have a smooth booking experience regardless of which device or browser they open the links on. ✨

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