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Full visual on who our Automated Email Marketing emails have been sent to and who has opened


I like the smart emails and automated email marketing for birthdays and loyal customers etc, but it would be great to have better control over who get these emails and to see a list before we set it up to see what clients would be getting before it goes live. It would also be great if there was a way to unlink certain clients from receiving automated message.  

And even better if, when we click on the report function, that we can see which clients were sent it and which clients opened it.  I can do all this in Mailchimp so if I can do this here then I can cut out my Mailchimp sending.


  • Given that Klayvio and Mailchimp are significantly more advanced, I’d like to see an integration (or Zapier zap) to Fresha at the very least. This would enable customer triggers in Fresha to send automated Klayvio/Mailchimp messages. I imagine that rebuilding advanced email automation natively in Fresha will take a long time so an integration would be a great interim solution.

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  • Clare Woodcock & Joel Marc,

    Thanks for the feedback. You'll be happy to know that we've launched an Overview page for all your smart marketing campaigns and will soon have this view for Blast Messages as well. 🥳 🥳 🥳

    This overview page shows you when the campaign was created/updated, how many messages were sent, how many links were clicked, how much revenue was generated etc. 


    To disable marketing for a particular client, simply open the client's profile under the Clients tab and disable the 'Accepts Marketing Notifications' box. 

    You can also send blast emails and messages and filter who to send to, from a list of recently added clients to a single specific client.

    We'll continue to explore options for more granular marketing statistics and will do our best to build these features. 💪

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