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New notification feedback


New notification alerts feedback

Let me list some of the reasons why.....

-Clients are getting multiple notifications from different #'s... they think they got hacked and are getting spam.

-Up to 6 notifications per appointment.... but can get up to 12 if we have their email as well as text numbers on file.  

-Detailed Invoices with how much client has spent. Which also shows it there was a price increase from original booking

-Can NO longer customize text reminder.  We had a link in our last txt message that allowed clients to call us directly to cancel or reschedule appointments. 

-Notifications sent for no shows..... Clients offended if noted as a no show. 

-Clients receiving notification messages of appointment confirmation at 3:48am for appointments that were booked the previous day at 6:48pm

-Can not Opt out of specific notifications like before!! Our clients only want Reminder notifications

-Clients who only want text message notifications are still getting email notifications as well.  (We have manually removed ALL email addresses from our client files)

-Having to got back to manually calling clients since this update has been made


  • Official comment
    🙋‍♀️ Hello lovely people, I'm pleased to share good news about client notifications!!! Our team have been working all night / weekend to bring you feature updates today based on your feedback in the last 24 hours, here's the latest:
    The bottleneck issue with delayed or undelivered reminders was totally fixed over 24 hours ago. We're still getting plenty of users asking about this, due to missed messages from before the fix was in place. We can assure you the problem was resolved and reminder delivery is fully back in action since yesterday.
    New feature to disable specific message types is now live! Within the settings of each message type, there is a new toggle for you to decide which ones you want on or off. We also have more granular options still planned to come.
    New feature to hide prices within each type of email notification is now live. Within the message settings, there is a new checkbox for you to decide if you want prices displayed at all. We heard you loud and clear!
    The customisable important info text entry now allows 500 characters, instead of the previous 150 characters. More space to share key details with your clients like parking, service terms etc. For those using online booking, remember there's a handy spot for you to enter key info in your online booking settings too
    All messages sent are now properly displayed under each client's appointment history. There was a blip with some messages not appearing there, even though they had actually been sent
    Message previews and test notifications are more accurate, now they better reflect what the client would actually see based on your setup
    Important! Mobile app users must update to the latest app version to see these features. If you haven't updated yet, you can access the new stuff by logging into Fresha through a web browser.
    Today's improvements are simply the first ones we could roll out with a fast turnaround. We are listening very, very closely to all your amazing feedback and have plenty more updates planned. There has also been plenty of behind the scenes work to ensure all messages work beautifully and securely on a myriad of mobile devices, messaging services and email inboxes. There are more feature improvements to come, bear with us while we keep working to make this the best notifications system it can be for you!
    Just to put it in perspective, each month people book over 15 million appointments on our platform and we send over 35 million appointment notifications per month 🙀 With technology solutions there can be glitches, we send these notifications to 80+ countries through 500+ telecoms companies which deliver the messages. We do our best to quickly solve any delivery issues across these third parties, usually 99.8% of all messages are successfully delivered.
    Thank you all again for sharing your thoughts openly here, and to the wonderful group admins who make this all possible! We're so inspired how our community of passionate users are contributing to help make Fresha better and better!
    Much ❤️ from us all at Fresha x
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  • I definitely agree that I would like the ability to customize the messages back. We found that half of our clients thought that the number the reminder came from was our business number and would reply to it to cancel (but of course we never got it), so we customized all of our texts to start with a huge **DO NOT REPLY HERE** message. We also included our cancellation policy in the text and now we can't. I would like to be able to customize the text again.

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  • Some Clients complaining that they not getting SMS reminder just by email. That causes no show because not every client checking their email. Clients which getting reminder complained that reminder comes much delayed, not 24 hours.

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  • Now I am not getting emails when clients book online......

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  • I need to be able to customise my notifications, and I really liked having the option to preview changes before saving, rather than having to 'send test' to see what my notifications looked like. It was better (for me) the way the messages and notifications were set up before (I thought it was great before). And when changes were initially rolled out, not having the option to enable or disable individual notifications was horrible! My clients don't want to be inundated with irrelevant emails. So thank you for adding the enable/disable option again so quickly.

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  • they just updated that we can disable certain notifications that we dont want or turn off the service price. But again, that's really annoying. i have many customers contacting us since they can view the invoice, and that's not necessary. we already provide them the receipt with info on it. Fresha invoice is not updated with correct amount sometimes. this causes too much confusion for customers. the text notification is not customized too. Please fix and bring back the old one. 

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  • My clients are getting notifications that a deep tissue massage lasts 1h and 10 min! This 10 min is our processing time, and with this new update it is now showing up as the actual massage time for the client. How is this possible? Please fix this, I had to actually do a massage for 70 min for  the price of 60 min because this is what the notification sent!  Also, the clients are getting notifications way too late. I just had a client with a booking at 18:30, and he got the reminder email at 18:15 for the same day. Please fix this!

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  • We need the ability to customise notifications back.
    We put in a lot of work to make our notifications as rich and informative for our customers as possible and included;

    • links to contact us via social media
    • Custom links to Google maps to allow clients to find us easier
    • Links to allow clients to leave feedback & reviews

    All incredibly useful - especially the links to leave a review - and now all gone without any warning. This was really important functionality, and very useful information for our clients. please allow us to customise our notifications again.

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  • Could you please update us on the time frame of bringing back the ability to customize text messages again?


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  • Yes, we need to be able to customize all of the text message, the important info that we can change only shows in emails that our clients don't want or check. The standard message that shows is not very nicely worded. Would also be nice to be able to choose to send only by text instead of email as the preferred way to communicate with our clients.

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  • Hey Folks,

    SMS notifications are now standardized and cannot be edited. Just like if you were to book a restaurant, order takeout, book a taxi, etc. the majority of notifications today are standardized. 

    We found most partners were using their custom text to give clients information that we now provide automatically: links to directions, information about cancellations etc. Now, this info is part of our templates or covered by other functionality, such as No-Show Protection. 🙌

    It’s far easier to enable the No-Show Protection than to describe a cancellation policy you can’t enforce in a custom text field that clients may not even read.

    Please note, you can still edit email notifications using the 'Important Info' box under Client Messages>>Settings. 😉

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