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Prices do not need to be included, some services are taloured to each client on checkout. You're just opening up a can of worms for someone to complain.

The older system worked perfectly fine, allow an option to turn silly options off!

And maybe perhaps in the future you could try beta testing with customers before rolling out such changes.


Had to turn off all notifications because of this complete cluster!


Edit - 25-01-20

So it appears Fresha have taken heed and added an option to Display service prices on email.

This helps us but we don't need times stated either.

Edit - 01-02-20

We still need the option for who the message is sent to. Some of our customers have Mrs as the 1st name, as the firstname is required when creating an client and some customers do not like to be refered as their christian name (people huh!)


  • Official comment
    🙋‍♀️ Hello lovely people, I'm pleased to share good news about client notifications!!! Our team have been working all night / weekend to bring you feature updates today based on your feedback in the last 24 hours, here's the latest:
     The bottleneck issue with delayed or undelivered reminders was totally fixed over 24 hours ago. We're still getting plenty of users asking about this, due to missed messages from before the fix was in place. We can assure you the problem was resolved and reminder delivery is fully back in action since yesterday.
     New feature to disable specific message types is now live! Within the settings of each message type, there is a new toggle for you to decide which ones you want on or off. We also have more granular options still planned to come.
     New feature to hide prices within each type of email notification is now live. Within the message settings, there is a new checkbox for you to decide if you want prices displayed at all. We heard you loud and clear!
     The customisable important info text entry now allows 500 characters, instead of the previous 150 characters. More space to share key details with your clients like parking, service terms etc. For those using online booking, remember there's a handy spot for you to enter key info in your online booking settings too
     All messages sent are now properly displayed under each client's appointment history. There was a blip with some messages not appearing there, even though they had actually been sent
     Message previews and test notifications are more accurate, now they better reflect what the client would actually see based on your setup
    Important! Mobile app users must update to the latest app version to see these features. If you haven't updated yet, you can access the new stuff by logging into Fresha through a web browser.
    Today's improvements are simply the first ones we could roll out with a fast turnaround. We are listening very, very closely to all your amazing feedback and have plenty more updates planned. There has also been plenty of behind the scenes work to ensure all messages work beautifully and securely on a myriad of mobile devices, messaging services and email inboxes. There are more feature improvements to come, bear with us while we keep working to make this the best notifications system it can be for you!
    Just to put it in perspective, each month people book over 15 million appointments on our platform and we send over 35 million appointment notifications per month 🙀 With technology solutions there can be glitches, we send these notifications to 80+ countries through 500+ telecoms companies which deliver the messages. We do our best to quickly solve any delivery issues across these third parties, usually 99.8% of all messages are successfully delivered.
    Thank you all again for sharing your thoughts openly here, and to the wonderful group admins who make this all possible! We're so inspired how our community of passionate users are contributing to help make Fresha better and better!
    Much ❤️ from us all at Fresha x
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  • I agree wih you, we had the same problem. Now without any notification :/

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  • See my post about this and vote on it please.

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  • Becky, saw it after I posted this thread and upvoted.

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  • Agree. Every time I move an appointment up or down by 5 minutes, my clients get a notification. Ridiculous. Why would anyone code notifications function without individual booleans on/off per message type. Lazy. Or just poor coding skills

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  • We are having problems too!! .. it's sending incorrect SMS messages to our clients when they have multiple services with different staff members within the 1 appointment. If this doesn't change we will be looking to move to a better platform

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  • 1) most of our clients who are set to receive SMS reminders, have not been receiving them ever since the upgrade
    2) clients that have multiple bookings with different staff members have been getting the wrong SMS reminder time EX. 10am for hair cut 11am for nail. They only received the 11am for nails.
    3) we DO NOT like the prices shown on the reminder notification. All prices set in the system are starting points and it will cause confusion and upset if their bill is more then they received in the message.

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  • Intermittent Clients that were not notified, unable to edit SMS text for messages. Every time I move an appointment up or down by 5 minutes, my clients get a notification.

    Actually like the new message options but need to program in more flexibility to make it user friendly for both owners and clients. 

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  • Our clients are also only getting their reminders intermittently :( :( Also we need the ability back to customize the texts! Our clients reply to the automated text message alllll the time to cancel, so we used to customize the info to say **DO NOT REPLY HERE** but now we can't :( We also liked to include our cancellation policy into our text and now can not.

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  • Agreed. The new notification system is awkward. I can’t seem to tailor the message like I did in the old system? It’s not personal anymore. And the included prices caught my clients off-guard because I never quite complex work at the booking stage. I also have all clients listed to -only- receive notifications through email but they are all getting SMS as well? Confused and inefficient.

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  • We need the ability to customise notifications back.
    We put in a lot of work to make our notifications as rich and informative for our customers as possible and included;

    • links to contact us via social media
    • Custom links to Google maps to allow clients to find us easier
    • Links to allow clients to leave feedback & reviews

    All incredibly useful - especially the links to leave a review - and now all gone without any warning. This was really important functionality, and very useful information for our clients. please allow us to customise our notifications again.

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  • Yes, I need to be able to customize the texts like before. The generic texts now are confusing people and I am still getting phone calls. Please change it back.

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  • Thanks Fresha for the updates, however we really need you to either add an automatic “do not reply here” to all texts or else allow us to customize the message again so that we can add it. We are having SO many clients try to contact us now at that number to cancel or reschedule and we of course aren’t getting the text, leading to booking issues and confusion.

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  • Hey Folks,

    We've added the option to notify your client about rescheduled appointments. You'll get a pop-up before the change is made asking if you'd like to notify the client or not. 😉

    We've also added the option to either hide or display prices on email notifications. You'll find this under Client Messages>>Settings

    In terms of responding to text messages -  we work with a couple of telecommunication providers to ensure SMS reminders always function. This means that reminders do not always come from the same number, thus they cannot be replied to. To counteract this, we've added a 'Do not reply' tag to these notifications. 🙌

    As for reviews - we've added a link to leave a review on your Fresha page in the 'Thank You' emails. The more reviews you have, the higher your business will rank in searches on the Fresha Marketplace and on Google. 😍  

    Really appreciate all of your feedback. We'll keep tracking votes and comments and will do what we can to improve these features. ✨


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