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Functions to help mobile technicians/beauticians to include client address as appointment location


I am a Mobile Nail Technician and I've asked before about having better functionality that considers us Mobile technicians / therapists / stylists etc.  

If we could request clients' home addresses at point of online booking and the ability for us to include their address in the client notifications centre as the location for their appointment.

also the ability to have another option to blocked time which is travel time, which can be viewed in the reports and dashboard separately to availability / blocked time etc.  And the ability to switch off travel time if a client books multiple services in the one booking, as I won't be travelling between those appointments if the appointment is in the same place (i.e within the same booking).

Also in the new client notifications - the new smart messaging, it says thank you for visiting to the client.  However they have not visited me, I have visited them, so I'd like the ability to amend the wording for the smart messages so it works for a mobile service.

there's probably other things that would help a mobile therapist, so it would be great if you could consider us when creating lovely new functions

thank you.

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  • Clare Woodcock,

    Thanks for the feedback - you have some great points! 

    We do plan on adding specific features for mobile service providers including hiding location addresses and providing directions from notifications, among other feature adjustments. We'll keep you updated on this when we have more news. 👍

    For now, we have some good workarounds you can use. 😊

    For example, you can also update the 'Important Info' box on your Online Booking>>Settings page to say something along the lines of "Please add your address to the booking notes whilst booking online".

    And just to be safe, you could add a note to your confirmation email to say, “If you forgot to add your address to the booking notes, please reply to this email with your address”.

    Keep an eye on the bell icon 🔔 on your app for any updates from us and keep sharing your ideas on the Community. 💖

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