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Editing appointments and start times


Too many unnecessary steps to change appointments.

1. Editing Appointments

Currently, you would have to click on the appointment, then click on "more options", then click on "edit appointment".

Would like it if you can just click on an appointment and be able to start editing the appointment w/o having to click on "more options" and "edit appointments".

2. Appointment Start Times

Currently, when making a new appointment and adding services, it will stack on the next service at the time the first service ends.

Would like a button that changes all service start times to the same start time. Reason for this is because unlike packages where you can put several services, we take in different amount of customers all the time. We usually take in groups of 2+ and need all the services to have same start time.

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  • Peter Hoang,

    Thanks for the feedback. We've worked hard to make editing appointments as quick and easy as possible. For example, we launched the drag & drop feature which allows you to drag an appointment on the calendar to another date/time/staff member. 😊

    The appointment start times are there to maximise your calendar space to avoid leaving gaps. Appreciate this might not work for your business needs but we're working on a classes feature which will allow you to book 2+ clients for the same time, so this should help. 👍

    Also, we're primarily working closely with each partner to bring out all requested features. Drop us an email to hello@fresha.com anytime if you find we haven't replied here.

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