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Option to remove employee ratings on Fresha online booking

When customers book online, they have access to each individual employee’s ratings. It would be nice to have to option to remove that.


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    Hello Everyone,

    We've heard your request and are super happy to bring you the option to disable staff ratings. You can disable staff ratings from online bookings > settings. 


    Team Fresha


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  • We do not want this feature visible to clients at all. As we don't want create a hierarchical work environment. Please fix this new feature as soon as possible.  

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  • I agree, since this has just launched, our staff doesn't have enough ratings to really balance out one bad one.  We had a customer who rated one of our staff a 3, but she is known to be disgruntled and looking for a discount or free service, but as a result, she has a slightly lower rating, it's not fair to her.


    Added to that, we just don't want to encourage a competition between our staff who really all get along quite well


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  • I agree I do not like this at all and to be honest I'm really upset. This could create a huge problem with my staff. I'm already seeing one of my techs upset because hardly people book with her. She is a great tech just a little slow and I've seen her cry. I want this to have an option. To remove. My staff gets along great and right now its causing jealousy and that can ruin a great atmosphere. I own a commission salon. Fresha this was a terrible Idea on your part. Salon rating great but fix this ASAP !!! Give the salon owners a choice

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