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Disable booking appointments for a staff member that does not provide a service or is not working at that time!

The staff can still book appointments for a member who doesn't provide a service or even is not working at that time! I want to disable that.

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  • Dr. Xesús González,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Clients booking online will not have the option to select a staff member who doesn't provide that service or isn't working.

    For manual bookings, you will get a notification to alert you that the selected staff member does not provide that service (or isn't working at that time) but you can still proceed with the booking. This is to give you more flexibility.

    For example, you may have a staff member who is not yet fully-skilled and therefore cannot take bookings online but you'd still like to be able to book appointments offline. Likewise, you may wish to take appointments outside of working hours. This feature allows you to do just that. 😊 


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