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recurring payments


I would like to have a service as a recurring payment, so I don't have to worry about the due date of each client who has to pay each month regularly. Most of the time, the client is not honest, even signing the contract. 


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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - this feature is now live!

    Get started with recurring paid plans now! Click here to view our handy Help Centre articles and find out more on how you can sell recurring paid plans weekly, monthly or even yearly.

    If you have any more feature suggestions, create a post and vote! 

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    You'll be happy to know we're currently working on a Memberships feature which will allow you to bundle services into pre-paid offerings with recurring payments.

    We've actually already had this request here, for which we're tracking votes - please add yours to it so we can keep all the votes in one place. 👍

    We'll do our best to get this feature rolled out ASAP! Keep your eye on the bell icon 🔔 for any exciting updates we post. 🤩

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