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Online Bookings to be unallocated until we assign a therapist


Currently online bookings automatically get assigned to a therapist that is available. 

However, often we have multiple therapists that are available and to make the day flow better we assign certain treatments to therapists.

If online bookings could come in as unallocated when there are multiple therapists available it would allow us to select which therapist is best to do the treatment.

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  • Hey Rhys 👋

    Thanks for your feedback. I've shared it with the product team. For now, if the client selects 'no preference', they will get assigned to a staff member depending on their availability at the duration of the appointment so basically, it goes to the next available person during that time block. If a client books online with "no preference" you'll see the appointment has a "cloud" icon but no "heart" - this means you can simply drag and drop it to another staff member if necessary ❤️

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