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Suggest tipping after checkout


I like using my existing card reader as it has smart tipping enabled so when I hand my phone to them to put their pin in, it suggests to them that they might want to tip. 

Now using Fresha checkout, I would actually have to ask a client if they’d like to tip me which more often than not I don’t because it’s just a bit awkward and presumptuous. 

if the client could receive a message after checkout prompting a tip (like Uber does) that would take away the awkwardness but still encourage tipping. 



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    Clare Woodcock,

    We've added more tipping screens after checkout as a result of our partners' feedback. 🥳  🥳  🥳  

    Clients will now see a tipping screen in the following places:

    • during Pay By Text or Fresha card terminal payment flow
    • by clicking a button in the 'Thank You' notification
    • by clicking a button from the Fresha appointment view
    • by leaving a review which leads to a tipping screen

    Check out this article on How can clients add a tip on Fresha? ✨

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    I agree with this 100%!

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  • Yes please

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  • Yes, I like the smart tip feature also. It is a little awkward asking the client after the service if  they would like to leave a gratuity. Perhaps they could be prompted when they register their card if they would like to allow/enable tipping feature?

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