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Be able to split payment using fresha pay


Currently it seems like its all or nothing using fresha pay. I can't charge $50 through fresha processing and then $50 on a giftcard or any other payment method. Its unrealistic not to have the option of split payments as you'd wish when using fresha pay processing. Anyone else run into some issues or difficulties with this? 


  • I agree. I need to be able to split payments. The best I have been able to do is create a payment type called 'split payment', but then I am forced to remove Fresha pay from client's options, so Fresha gets nothing. So it's Fresha losing money due to a problem of their own creation in this case.

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  • Hey folks,

    Split payments are now possible with Fresha Pay. 🥳 🥳 🥳

    PRO TIP: Remember to choose Fresha Pay as the last payment method. 😉

    1. Check-out the appointment and click More Options>>Other Payment Types.
    2. Manually edit the amount the client will pay with the first payment method. 
    3. Select the first payment method.
    4. For the last payment method, click More Options>>Fresha Credit Card Processing to pay the outstanding balance with Fresha Pay. 🙌

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