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details of from and to on rescheduled appointments


I think it would be great if it told you when (where) the appointment was changed from when appointments are re-arranged as at the moment is just says john smith rescheduled their appointment to 1st jan @09;00 but for people who have multiple appointments booked in you don't know what specific appointment has changed just appointment "abc123" has changed.

if it was possible to say john smith has rescheduled his appointment from 1st January @09:00 and is now 7th jan @11:00


  • Heya Glynn, 

    Great idea. We have ideas around bringing out a full activity log for these kinds of situations. 

    The appointment history itself can give you a lot of information. For example, when you book a client in, make sure their email is present. You will then have a confirmation email sent through to them. If a client books online, a confirmation email is sent straight away. You can see this in the appointments activity history at the bottom.

    Say the appointment is rescheduled online, the push notification is sent to you and if you click on it, you will find the new appointment on the new date. Just check the confirmation email to see the original date and time of booking :)

    If you are rescheduling an appointment, make sure to enable your rescheduled notifications and ensure that you send one upon rescheduling. If you choose not to send a rescheduled notification, then no notification is sent to the client, and no log is recorded, so make sure to send it through. Each time you reschedule, you can check the previous date it was rescheduled to.

    Hope this helps!

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  • hi fresha 

    yeah this doesn't solve the issue , I could have a client that books in every couple of weeks and just says they have updated details, but this doesn't tell me which appointment they have changed 

    say they have booked the 1st and the 7th I would have notifications that they have booked both but then if they rescheduled say the 1st to the 4th I wouldn't know which one they had changed it would just say mr x has changed there appointment and these are the new detail ……… mr x is booked in on the 4th.

    but none of the info currently provided tells which one has changed, the email notification just says the rescheduled time and date (but doesn't say the original booking) and in their info if just says an appointment was changed at xx.xx

    if you could just say in the message you send to me mr x changed from the 1st and the new appointment is the 4th then it would clear up lots of confusion 

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