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Disable/enable online booking toggle



  • Considering the necessity that recently arose to stop online booking altogether. A toggle would be MUCH more efficient than changing my hours or blocking time.

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  • Heya April, 

    You can disable your online bookings from here: https://partners.fresha.com/fresha/online-booking/profiles Just click on More Options > Unlist. 

    We don't, however, recommend this option as you will be disabling everything tied to having online bookings enabled. We recommend instead using the closed dates feature from staff > closed dates. Here you can add the start and end date of the days you are closed whilst still letting your clients know they can book online with you after your last date. The great thing is that we already prompt your clients by with "Next Available Date" button taking them to an open slot with your next availability. 

    We've also written an article to help support you during this time. Check it out here.

    If you need any further help, just get in touch with us at info@fresha.com

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