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Auto update client info



Customer's info should be updated automatically in Fresha as soon as a client make some changes online.  I just had a client I called but had the wrong number on file, but then I noticed I was able to restore contact info and pull it from Fresha and found it he actually edited it in Fresha.

It is not practical to check every single customer and see it we can "restore contact info" from Fresha.



  • Heya TeeCee Chau

    I totally hear you on this, which is why we don't recommend changing the client's details after they create their Fresha Profile. Anytime they make an update and book online with you their details are updated on your end. If you update their details, mobile or email, we no longer update those details to keep them at the details you have specifically set. Here's a guide on managing clients details.

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  • The problem is, when you create a client on location (a walk-in client) and you only write down their name and phone number.  This client then receives a sms reminder, go online and create a Fresha account which is still linked to the account but that account never gets updated on our end.  There is no way for us to know that client ever updated their Fresha profile with an email unless you click on their name and then see a a star * next to it and then "retstore" their info from their Fresha profile.  So I'm missing an opportunity to email them when I need to.  

    Maybe add that star in the calendar next to their name too, so we know it's not the original info from their Fresha profile so I don't have to manually check all of my clients and see and their have updated their Fresha profile with other informations. 

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  • TeeCee Chau

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll keep tracking votes for this. :) 

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