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Tipping Screen

I have another feedback, Alot of my clients always miss seeing the Add tip part and the They charge and ask me how can I give you a tip. They do not see it. Can this be added on last page at the end before they click charge or complete or before total.?


  • Yes agree!

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  • Salvina D & Keli Johnston,

    We've added more tipping screens as a result of our partners' feedback, so thank you for the suggestions. 💖

    Currently, clients will see a tipping screen in the following places:

    - during Pay By Text or Fresha card terminal payment flow
    - by clicking a button in the 'Thank You' notification
    - by clicking a button from the Fresha appointment view
    - by leaving a review which leads to a tipping screen

    Hope this is good news! 🥳

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