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Individual SMS's


I would like to be able to send individual SMS's please.

Examples which I have used in the past are...

1. Letting the next client I am available sooner than expected (if they want to come in earlier) or I may be running late.

2. Querying what someone has booked (e.g. if you suspect they have booked a particular service in error).

3. I got rushed into hospital during the working day once and had to cancel appointments. I just wanted to let clients know why their appointments had been cancelled at such short notice.

4. Reaching out to individual high value clients who I have not seen in a while with a personalised message.

An SMS 'blast' is not always appropriate in these circumstances. Also, you can't always reach people on their mobile if they are working, driving, have their phone on silent etc. SMS's almost always get read, more so and sooner than than emails.

I would rather not have to use my personal mobile as I don't want everyone to have my number. I also don't want to have to buy an additional mobile phone for this purpose.

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  • Phil Townend,

    Thanks for the suggestion. While we can see the value in having these additional notifications, SMS is notoriously unreliable and expensive. To counteract this, we've developed push notifications which work similarly to text messages in that they alert the client with a pop-up that needs to be swiped, in order to be dismissed from the screen, so the client is sure to see the notification. 🙌

    Push notifications are way more cost-effective and reliable. We'll keep tracking votes for these additional notifications and will be sure to update you if they make it on to our To-Do list. 😊

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