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Aftercare and preparation emails to be sent after certain bookings are made



It would be super helpful and efficient if there was a option to send automatic 'how to prepare' and 'aftercare' emails after new clients book in certain treatments. For example we offer a lot of body contouring/sculpting treatments, where we need the clients to come to the appointment prepared for better results, (these instructions are not relevant for every treatment for me to include it in the email templates we have now) 

e.g: Drinking 1.5 litres of water before and not having any caffeine on the day. We usually call the client or send them a manual email.

Also, after we have checked them out, for a email explaining the basic aftercare to be sent would save us a lot of time and paper. 

I think if there was a edible template, in which we could set triggers for, it would help any professional who needs their client to follow aftercare or be better prepared for their appointments :) 

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