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Sharing calendar with staff who have their own Fresha accounts.

It would be great if all my self employed girls at the salon could either; Use my account to share calendar and have payments into their own bank accounts Use their own accounts but able to share calendars between us all. We all take our own payments and currently share iOS calendar with each other so we don’t double book rooms. We all want to be on an online booking system where we all still get paid directly into each individuals bank accounts. At the moment if we all used Fresha under my account, the other girls can’t take online bookings because I will get charged for their bookings and they want full control on their income.

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  • Hi Chloe 👋

    For the moment, each Fresha account is linked to one bank account but we are developing a feature to payout to multiple bank accounts. It's part of a bigger feature where we will support multiple bank accounts for each staff member as well as per location ❤️

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