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Disable online bookings per service category


I would be great, especially with the Coronavirus, if we could temporarily block certain categories.  For example, I'm a hairdresser with waxing.  I'm allowed to go back to doing hair, so I want to open up my schedule for hair, but I also have waxing services that I'm not allowed to do right now.  I don't want to delete that category, as I don't want to do all the work to put it back in, but the category has TONS of services in it and I have to go in individually to cancel the online booking in each one.  If I could just temporarily disable the category, that would be great.

I'm sure this would be essential also for those who temporarily lose staff that do services they don't want to be able to book online as well?

Unless, there is any other way of doing this?

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  • Jules Nugteren,

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    Currently, to disable online bookings you need to select each service individually to toggle the switch off. 

    Love your idea, though! 🙌  We haven't had this request before so we'll keep tracking votes for it. Thanks for sharing. 😊


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