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Anna reid

Hi 2 questions. Would love to see fresh have a online consult form for clients to fill out that can be done at the time of their online booking or in salon and a digital loyalty card. My client's get a 25% discount when they get to their 6th visit. If old client's (eg on offs) could be archived in the system so that you know who are your active client's and don't have to scroll through them all to find the person you want.. But their appointment is still kept in the system. And if when manually manually making an appointment if multiple treatments can be ticked at once instead of having to selected each on individually And when will fresh plus be available in new Zealand? Thanks

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  • Anna Reid,

    Thanks for your suggestions. 💖

    We're currently working on a consultation form feature which will be available as part of the Fresha Plus package. Check out this article for a workaround in the meantime: How to Create a Consultation Form ✨

    Love the idea for a digital loyalty card. We've actually already had this request so please go ahead and add your vote to it. This will help us keep the votes in one place. Here's the original request: Client Loyalty Rewards & Referrals

    As for scrolling through lapsed clients, you can simply use the search box and type in the client's name. 😀  You may also find our Client Retention report useful, to see which clients have not visited in a given time frame. You'll then know who to reach out to with a special offer to entice them back in. 😉

    In terms of selecting multiple treatments at once - the reason this isn't possible is because when creating the appointment, you need to select staff members to provide the treatments and you may want to adjust the starting time of the subsequent treatments so as to maximise your time. Selecting each treatment individually allows you to have more flexibility. 🙌

    Really glad to hear you're looking forward to the Fresha Plus launch in New Zealand - we are so excited for this! 🤩  We don't have an ETA for this just yet, but rest assured we'll do everything we can to launch ASAP. Hope you don't mind the wait. 💖

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