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Lock a specific Technician to a specific resource


I would like to be able to lock a technician to a specific resource room to avoid overbooking the rooms. For instance I have 3 technicians on and 2 facial rooms available but a 3rd room avail for services other than facials - once those 2 facial rooms are booked - I would like the system to not allow a 3rd facial be booked just because there is a 3rd technician available. I think this is more human error than an online booking issue, but the pop up can easily be overlooked. It would be great if the system just didn't allow it as an option at all.

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  • Emelia,

    Resources are assigned to specific services.

    If you have a resource assigned to Facial services and another resource assigned to a different service (e.g. Nails), once the first resource is booked for facials, the system shows you a warning message to say that that resource is already occupied.

    You can override this warning message and book the facial service anyway - the idea is to give you more flexibility when booking. 

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