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Attach add-ons to a service without booking extra time or booking as a separate service

I would love to be able to add an add-on to an appointment at booking. For example, people who have specialty shapes or super long nails… I’d like to be able to book them a service while at the same time adding in those extra things so that when they click on the link it shows them the starting price of the appointment and then the additional charges for their particular nails & why.. If this could be something that could be added on into the appointment versus as an additional service that would be great. Currently, when you book an additional service it adds a minimum of five minutes and it shows as a separate service so if you drag and drop the appointment you have to drag and drop also their add-on separately.. Example: 6/19/20 2:15pm Rebalance...........$50+ Length:long.........$5 Specialty shape..$3 Total....................$58+