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Add 'Travel Time' as a block out function with extra abilities.....


For us Mobile Technician / Therapist / Stylist users, it would be really helpful to have a Blockout option that is for TRAVEL TIME.  It would be especially useful if this travel time would then only appear once at the end of the allotted time for the appointment.  

At the moment I have an automate 'blocked time' at the end of every service to avoid appointments being booked too close together so I can travel between clients, but when clients chose multiple services, that blocked time gets added to each service.

This would also be very helpful as it could appear in Reports so we could analyse how much of our availability is taken up by travel.

I know for a fact that lots of your customers are Mobile so I'm sure this would be helpful to many. 

Thank you


  • Hey Clare👋

    That's a great suggestion. We do plan on adding specific features for mobile service providers so I've shared your feedback with our product team! Thanks again 💖

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  • Yes please, this would be great! It is also the reason I've been searching through the FAQs.

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