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Monthly fee instead of percentage on each booking service.

Is there anyway you charge monthly fee to get options of Fresha plus instead of charging the fee on each booking service. I pay both merchant and Fresha plus which is a lot for our small shop. I don’t want to switch to another service provider, and my merchant charges me a really good rate that make Fresha plus costs much more. This would be really helpful to have monthly fee to have Fresha plus and you can do merchant charge optional.


  • Ya I just got billed a $560 bill for setting up the fresha marketing so I could message my clients after the COVID shutdown to let them know I'm working. Then I get hit with new client bookings and online booking fees. This Shedul or Fresha was so nice for what you get for free but now I have to leave this platform cuz this is outrageous..

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  • Totally! This is too much. We have to pay both ends. I would say monthly fee is better than this. Whoever wants to get their merchant is good for them.

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  • I totally agree. I have to pay both fees as well. Also is anyone struggling to succesfully charge their no show fees? Most of the time I get errors for insufficient funds or bank declines. I am actually surprised when I can succesfully charge a no show fee to a customer. I love Fresha but I'm contemplating turning off Fresha Pay because the costs are high and I can usually never get my no show fees. 

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