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Being able to click on the link in client and appointment notes


Want to be able to click on the link I added to client notes! I need to copy paste it and even worse, can't even copy the link or do anything from iPad. Need this fixed please.




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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - these features are now live!

    Click here to view our handy Help Centre articles on how to manage your clients.


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  • Being able to click on the client email would be a huge asset to me and has my vote

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  • Majella Brennan,

    Thanks for the feedback. You'll be happy to know that we plan on giving the client notes section a complete revamp. 🤩  It's a big project and will take some time, but rest assured, we're on it. 💪

    We'll keep tracking votes for now. 👍

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  • With the new update done today July 22, You can no longer see the previous appointments notes which we use to let us know which child was in last time, and if we made any changes to the hairstyle that time. This was helpful for a client that wants to do the same as last time, but not what they have had before that is in the client notes

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  • Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - these features are now live!

    Quickly navigate to any past appointment from the new client section to add notes to an appointment. 

    Suzie Mosson - you can now easily click on the phone icon to open up multiple options to call or send an email:


    Lori - notes will be visible shortly as they had been in the past within the appointment field.

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